Why am I blogging/traveling?

Why not? I am doing this so that I can help people (and animals) along my path in the best way possible. I need to earn a living, and already have a few streams of income that mesh nicely with blogging.

I must confess, as well, that I have always wanted to have a motorhome. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t fantasize about having one. I reckon it’s now or never, so – SOON.

I ain’t no spring chicken, nor am I getting any younger. Life doesn’t end at 50, but I was a stay-at-home mom for much of my adult life, so I don’t have a retirement planned – quite the opposite. As of this writing, my youngest child is 18, and I have grandchildren now. I’d like to visit people without imposing on their hospitality, and maybe provide something they need while I’m there if at all possible. Take their dog to the vet, buy them a new pair of shoes, or whatever. Heck, if I had unlimited funds, I would be happy to surprise them with things like houses or cars.

From baby steps to giant leaps: YOLO.