Choosing a gym

YMCA logoChoosing a gym is a very individual decision because we each have differing priorities. One of these is convenience, of course, and for me, this means that no matter where I go I’ll be able to find a branch of this gym for a shower, swim, workout, or whatever.

So far my research has found that one particular organization stands head and shoulders above the others for my needs. The YMCA has locations in every state of the union as well as many foreign countries.

The YMCA may not be your first choice for a gym, but the amenities they offer are really incomparable due to their proliferation. 2600 of their 2700 locations in the U.S. honor nationwide membership, and if you ask me, that’s quite a lot of places to grab a workout and take a quick shower.

With twice as many locations to choose from as Planet Fitness, the Y also offers additional incentives for membership. They have swimming pools and fitness equipment, classes, and even social services.

The Y has many facets – some of which you may not even have been aware of. Until I wrote this article, I had no idea the number of different things they do throughout the community in every single community that has a facility.

I remember going there as a kid with friends who lived near my granny’s house. It was nice to visit an indoor pool in the middle of winter! But that is only one of the countless advantages to joining and being a member. I will probably write more articles on this topic after I join up, which will most definitely be prior to hitting the road.

Do you have a YMCA membership? How has it benefited you? Please tell me in the comments below!