My craziest ridesharing trip

LYFT logoMy craziest ridesharing trip started one morning outside a local hotel called the Red Carpet Inn. I picked this young man up, along with a pile of possessions. He said he wanted to go to MAINE. From Ft. Lauderdale Florida. I had nothing better to do at the time…

This was a Lyft ride, and I did not know it at the time, but Lyft has a $300 cap on rides, anything beyond that, and you’re driving for free. No, actually, you’re PAYING to transport them, because fuel is not free. Neither are tires and other car maintenance!

I agreed to take him, but said I had to go to my storage unit and grab some things, which I did. After that, we started driving north and he revealed that he’s an addict, in withdrawals. He starts begging me to buy him things like compressed air so he can huff it. He stole a bottle of cough syrup from a store I stopped at (before realizing just how terrible his addiction was), and chugged the whole thing like it was soda pop.

At that point, I got pissed off and ended the ride (in the Lyft app), but at this location, he was unable to get another one, or even to reconnect with me… so I agreed to take him the rest of the way anyway. 

As we continued north, it became apparent that his mother, who was paying for the ride, wants him to go to a rehab near Ocala called “The Refuge“. HE wanted to go to Maine because his grandmother had just died and he wanted to attend the funeral. He was in no condition to go to a funeral, or even to get on a bus or plane.

After the cough syrup incident, I told him I would drop him off in the nearest large city where he can get another ride, or I would take him to the rehab, but I would NOT take someone I can’t trust all the way to Maine. He was sad, and curled up into fetal position for the rest of the trip, but agreed to go to the rehab.

When we get to the rehab, it was dark out, and POURING DOWN RAIN – I had to give him my umbrella. Later it became apparent that he’d left things in my car, and I had to mail those to him after returning home. There was NO WAY I was going back to that place!

Lyft paid me for the rest of the ride, but that is when I was warned about the cap on rides. I wasn’t worried about the passenger’s mother paying: he kept saying his family was richer than God…

I hope he got the help he needed in that rehab.

What is your craziest ridesharing story? Tell me about it in the comments below!