Buy a dash-mount for your phone

Dash mountBuy a dash-mount for your phone: it could save your life. Use Bluetooth when you’re talking on the phone in the car, too. Almost all of the newest cars have it, and for older cars you can use a freestanding bluetooth speaker.

Holding your phone while you’re driving is not only dangerous, but in a growing number of places, it’s illegal. It is also unnecessary. Most dash mounts cost less than the average dinner at a restaurant. If you’ll spend $20-30 on a meal, why would you not spend that to enhance your driving experience and be a safer driver? Some of them are even less than $20!

When I am working s a rideshare driver, I see people EVERY DAY who are either holding their phones to their heads while driving, or holding them out in front of their faces – either on speakerphone or video chatting. This, in addition to people SHAVING, putting on makeup, and eating every sort of food or snack imaginable. Distracted driving is at an all-time high.

The term dash-mount encompasses a multitude of solutions, some of which affix to your window with a suction cup, others insert into your AC vents, and I even found one that inserts into the CD slot on your car’s stereo.

Personally, I prefer a magnetic mount, because the others are so bulky – and I like being able to just “slap” my phone onto the mount when I get into the car. It’s convenient and easy-to-use. You just affix a metal plate to your phone or case, or you can slip the plate in between your phone and its case if you don’t want it to be permanently attached. The magnet on the mount “grabs” the phone when you place it on the pad… and presto! Like magic, it holds tight.

Take a look at some of the many mounts available:

Do you have a dash-mount for your cell phone? If you drive, and don’t have one, why do you not have one?  Please comment below. I want to hear from you!