Get your supplements from Amazon and save on shipping with Prime!

Get your supplements from Amazon and save on shipping with Prime!

Not only that: but if you have EBT or Medicaid, you get a discount on Prime membership. That’s a pretty good deal, considering that you’re going to buy your supplements anyway.

I had been going to Walmart to get my supplements. However, lately my time has been tighter and tighter… and Walmart is a HUGE time-waster because it is always so busy when I have a chance to drop in. The other night, at the neighborhood market, the line was at least a dozen people deep at the customer service counter alone, and even the self-checkout lanes had waiting lines. I discovered that the supplements I take are cheaper on Amazon, and with Prime, I can get free shipping.

Ginkgo biloba

Personally, I can not stand to be without this wonder herb. I literally feel stupid when I run out of it. Just the other day I was wondering why I was having more trouble thinking – and then I remembered that I had run out and failed to replace it. Naughty me! Ginkgo biloba works very well to promote circulation, which includes the brain. While there is no scientific proof that it works, this herb has long been used in traditional circles for enhanced/improved cognitive function. It works for me! Try it, and see for yourself.

Valerian root

This is another herb I find myself in constant need of. Furthermore, I have found that the Spring Valley brand is the best one to buy. I found this by trial-and-error… during my quest for a product that would quell the horrendous cramps I kept getting in my hands and feet. I tried more potassium, as my blood tests showed this mineral to be chronically low, and magnesium as well… but the best product to keep the cramps at bay has proven to be this brand of Valerian root. Even the Whole Foods brand did not stack up well and work like this brand does.

The cramps are likely caused by the albuterol I take for my breathing, since they are usually worse when I have not been breathing well – and thus, using my inhalers more. If you have this problem too, I would urge you to give this product a try. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! I had these cramps for weeks and months on end, and were so debilitating, they would awaken me from sleeping to leap out of bed and try to walk them off. Not anymore!


It may seem self-evident, but believe it or not, most people are probably deficient in magnesium. If you read up on it, you may find that the symptoms you experience point to a magnesium deficiency. This is the product I like, and it comes in single-use packets for your convenience on-the-go, or in a jar for use at home in the kitchen.

Are there supplements that you use on a daily basis? Which ones, and why do you use the brand you’ve chosen? Please comment below!