My newest new car

My 2019 Camry SEMy newest new car is a 2019 Toyota Camry SE. I’m really loving it overall, with its sporty lines and paddle shifters as well as the additional luxuries my Corolla did not have. The power driver’s seat is an upgrade, as is “one-touch” up/down on all four windows. It’s also much roomier for myself and passengers. However, there are two things my Corolla had that my Camry does not: lighted vanity mirrors and a USB plug in the rear.

It’s not a big deal: I don’t drive at night, so the lighted vanity mirrors are less of an issue than they might be for someone who DOES drive at night. Also, truth be told, as a rideshare driver, I rarely have people request to charge their devices while in transit, but when I do, it is currently a bit awkward to do so.

Fortunately, I will soon be joining the ranks of CARGO drivers, and the box in which my wares are housed will be equipped with a dual USB port for rear-seat passengers. I’m eager to get my setup, and will post here once it arrives. If you drive for Uber and/or Lyft, and would like to sign up for CARGO, here is my referral link:

I’m working my way up to the vehicle I really want, something much larger, with space for luggage and a lot of elbow room. I intend to keep trading in annually until I get to that one. Maybe a Highlander, maybe a Sequoia. Time will tell! For now, I’m really enjoying my Camry… and oddly enough, I miss my trusty little Corolla! It served me well.

Do you drive? If so, what sort of vehicle do you have, and what made you choose that one? Please tell me about your car/truck etc. in the comments below!