People self-medicate for a reason

People self-medicate for a reason, and they’re not always wrong. Laws are not always right, either, and life is not all cut-and-dried, black-and-white. As a matter of fact, most of life lies in the grey area in between – and of course there are extremes. From the outside looking in, nobody can say for sure what is best for someone else, it can only be an educated guess.

When we have headaches, we treat them as we see fit. Some use all-natural methods, others use whatever is available to them, but that choice is free will. CBD oil,┬ámassage, ice, white willow bark, pharmaceutical preparations… depending on the severity and duration, most of us will do whatever it takes to make that pain disappear… even if we have to cross over the line into the black market for it because the powers-that-be have decided that it’s better to let us suffer in pain than to have relief.

Meanwhile, medicine is called PRACTICE for good reason: we are their guinea pigs, in essence, as we visit these esteemed doctors – some of whom are much more convinced of their own value than their track records might seem to indicate they should be.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve encountered some of the best doctors – and some of the worst. I have no tolerance for poor bedside manner and a condescending attitude. When we are sick or in pain, we need gentle, kind and compassionate treatment: even if we present like raving lunatics due to the suffering we are forced to endure. People who don’t have the temperament to manage that should be in another line of work.

Who do you think knows better which medicines actually work for you? YOU, the person who resides within your skin and FEELS their effects, or some stuffed-shirt in a white coat who is so full of their own self-importance they don’t even bother to read what’s in your chart half the time?

Seriously. They really DON’T read the chart thoroughly… and then they act surprised when you call them on it – as if you snuck something in there when they weren’t looking, when it was there all along.

How many of us could medicate and otherwise treat ourselves more effectively than we believe our doctors are doing and have done, if only we had access to the substances and treatments at their disposal? How many doctors are being held back from truly helping us due to various restrictions placed upon them?

Unfortunately, I’m left with far more questions than answers.

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