Letting go is hard work

Letting go is hard work because we always cling to the familiar. Some people go to the opposite extreme of throwing everything away, in order to minimize clutter. This is the sort of person who activates my anxiety, and others like me who can’t stand to see anything that’s useful to someone discarded as trash will understand. Artists and writers also tend to keep those small scraps around as catalysts for inspiration.

It feels disrespectful to me, to take the work that was put into something and disregard that as if it meant nothing. To deprive an object of the ability to perform its intended purpose in life seems to render everything pointless and meaningless.

Conversely, it impresses me significantly when someone repurposes an item in some way, whether by deconstructing it and utilizing its component parts or using it as-is but for something new.

Where do you stand on this issue? Do you keep or toss? Are you creative or do you prefer a spartan existence with little embellishment? Let me know in the comments below.