30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 9 – What’s In My Bag/Wallet

Contents of my purse
Contents of my purse

It’s hard to just tell you what’s in my bag/wallet, much easier if I start with a photo.

Clockwise from the upper left, let’s start with the pen and marker. The pen is a backup, because what writer goes out without a pen or two? The marker is for making a spanging sign in case I am ever stranded without any money – I keep it in a plastic bag so it won’t ruin everything in my purse if it leaks.

After that, we have my albuterol inhaler, lying atop my (empty) change purse. Next is the key to one of my long-time petsitting clients’ houses. Next we have a pair of folding scissors which I take with me everywhere I go even though I rarely use them – just found out they’re inoperable. The pet “cling” should not have been in my purse and after taking this photo it was not put back.

My spare key is obvious, and I have another keychain that is not pictured which has the house key, among others. The “Lucky Dogs” petsitting cards are what I hand out to people when I am ridesharing and they tell me they have pets. (In South Florida only). The Toyota cards are people who have helped me at Toyota of North Miami.

Next is my husband’s card which I made for him, but he has a full-time job again now, so he isn’t really looking for side work – when he is off, he wants to rest and catch up on things around OUR house. The grey and black cards are for lawyers – one for estates, wills, and trusts and the other for personal injury. Surrounded by those cards are my Uber referral cards as well as my library card, blood donor ID card (my blood type is B+), social security card, and a CVS pharmacy card.

The random piece of paper was a list of my medications’ full cost, because I had to come up with that money somehow to keep getting my meds. I was unable to do so, and dropped a few of the more expensive ones until recently – but ALL of my spare money has been going to medical needs and it is depressing to dwell on. The prescription discount card that’s pictured is pretty much useless.

My ipratropium inhaler lies atop a Capital One card, PayPal card, and my Navy Federal ATM card as well as my Postmates debit card which I have not used in a long time because my insurance company refuses to cover delivery driving. That bunch of white papers is coupons and receipts for the most part. Those are dividers that keep it organized.

A lady once gave me her number for prayer – but I never called her. I also still carry my Medicaid and EBT cards, even though I am not currently receiving either – because if I ever need them again I want to be able to find them. I never activated that Google Wallet card, so I have no idea if it’s even still valid. I am not sure if I ever used the enterprise rewards card, but the Grocer one is new, that’s the Winn-Dixie rewards program now. There is also a keychain there with rewards fobs on it.

The Ricolas are a MUST. I use them regularly, but I also hand them to any passenger who coughs in my car. There was also an empty wrapper for one in my purse – because I put trash in my purse until I can dispose of it properly. I don’t litter, and find it abhorrent when people do. In fact, I usually keep the windows in my car locked so that passengers don’t toss anything out the window. Yes, they have done so in the past – and I wanted to stop the car, back up, and make them go get it… but I would probably get deactivated as a driver if I did that.

Below the cough drops is an adapter from Samsung for the micro SD card. I never use it, because I just plug my phone into the computer with the charging cable when I want to retrieve photos etc. The small flashlight needs no explanation, but you might wonder why I carry silica gel packets in my purse. I keep some in my car as well – because they keep the windows from fogging up on the inside, and in my purse, they keep those cough drops from getting gooey. Works like a charm!

The earbuds also require no explanation, and the checkbook holds my pen and ID, although I don’t use checks. I put cash in there when I have it, but currently, like the change purse, it is empty. Unfortunately, I’m pretty broke right now and behind on bills despite working and trying very hard to come up with what I need to. Maybe it will have something in it tomorrow. wink

Oh, by the way, my purse has a built-in wallet, so my bag/wallet are one and the same.

What about you? What’s in your wallet or bag? Answer or link to your answer in the comments below!

That’s it for today, are you doing the 30 Day Blogging Challenge?