Tip your driver

MoneyTip your driver if you receive good service, but if you didn’t, do NOT tip, and also: PLEASE rate them accordingly. Both of these things serve to demonstrate your level of satisfaction, and the rating system REALLY WORKS to help weed out exceptionally bad drivers from the ranks.

Personally, my preference is for cash tips, because I use that money – in turn – to tip others with. Most of the services I utilize do not have an app through which I can tip the workers! This includes the car wash and in-person food service. I don’t know what the car wash pays their employees but I do know that in the United States, most restaurants where servers are tipped pay the tipped wage, which is typically HALF the minimum wage. This means that if you don’t tip, that person worked for next to nothing providing service to you.

But I digress. I’m really good at that!

When it comes to driving for Uber and Lyft, most of the people who tell us they’re going to tip don’t. We’ve learned to take that with a grain of salt as most probably insincere. Tipping in cash is more personal, but carrying cash is not always a good idea. Furthermore, cash – being a physical object – is dirty and you never know where it’s been.

Nevertheless, it is still the easiest way to share your wealth. I can’t transfer money to those guys with the cardboard signs, spanging on street corners – but I can give them a dollar and a handful of other things they might need.

Ha ha there I go digressing again.

Yes. Tip your good drivers, and stiff the bad ones. Five-star the good ones and one-star the bad ones. REPORT the ones that are creepy or who otherwise give you reason to believe they should be reported. Trust your instincts in this case. Many awful drivers have been removed thanks to reports from alert passengers. If you don’t report these people, someone might get hurt.

Are you a rideshare driver? Do you take Uber or Lyft on a regular basis? What has been your experience with regard to tips?