Lawn clippings clog storm drains

Gardener with leaf blower
Gardener with a leaf blower

Lawn clippings clog storm drains when you or your gardener use a leaf blower to send them out into the street. Putting your clippings in the street causes them to wash down the street when it rains, where they are deposited into the storm drains. Multiply this by all the houses on your street and you can see how these clippings can quickly amass to become a huge problem.

You may think that because they’re biodegradable and organic, they’ll just break up and move smoothly through the pipes, but that is not what happens. Instead, other debris combines with the clippings to form blockages which dam the water and result in its backing up into neighborhood streets.

Once the puddles begin to turn into small ponds, the streets are hazardous to drivers – particularly those with low-profile vehicles. Furthermore, when heavy rains ensue, the water may even back up far enough to enter your home.

Here in Hollywood Florida, people are encouraged to mulch or bag their clippings in order to minimize the amount of debris that ends up in the storm drains. The City of St. Augustine has created a wonderful video about this topic.

What do you do with your lawn clippings? Tell me about it in the comments below.