Daily Pay

Money By epSos.de [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Daily pay is important to me because I have grown accustomed to being paid within 24 hours of performing my work. As a result, it is very difficult to transition to being paid any other way. I know that most people are paid weekly, biweekly, or even monthly, but a combination of “all of the above” is ideal.

Multiple Income Streams

When you exploit multiple income streams, the idea is to keep as many flowing as possible, so that when one or more of them slows to a trickle, the others make up the difference. This is an easy concept in theory, but in practice, it is akin to trying to juggle a dozen flaming torches: it’s easier to get burned than it is to keep them in the air.

Wesbsite-Building and Writing

My current income streams start with writing or building websites, which I tend to jump on first thing in the morning when my mind is fresh – unless there are no assignments available. Right now I have none, and I have no clue when there might be some. That means I need to write blog posts like this one, and maybe some articles – even work on my novel or another book – before I go out to do other things. When I have websites and writing work, I either get paid a deposit (or in full) up front to build websites, or the day after assignments are accepted and approved for payment at OneSpace.com.


Around noon on weekdays, I visit a puppy. Petsitting is awesome! They usually leave me daily cash, but sometimes they forget and catch up with me the next day. The pup is too young to be left all day without food or a potty break while his family is at work. I’ll miss him when they don’t need me anymore, he is such a joy to care for! I have occasional other petsitting jobs too, mostly centered around the end-of-year holidays or people’s vacations. People pay in a variety of ways, some in advance, some after they return home. Some pay me directly, while others pay Lucky Dogs and then Annette pays me.

Rideshare Driving

Rideshare driving is actually my last resort and least favorite income stream. I get in the car and drive people around when I must because my bills are due, but I prefer other income streams over ridesharing. This is largely due to the high overhead (gas, increased need for maintenance on the car, etc.) involved with ridesharing. Also, while 99.999% of the thousands of people I have driven were not a problem, it only takes ONE hooligan to make you dread getting out there again. This happened to me last night, and if it weren’t for the fact that my bills won’t pay themselves, I would just stay home right now. Nevertheless, I can cash out daily from both Uber and Lyft, so that’s a blessing.

Get a JOB!

You might think I should just go get a traditional job, but that’s probably not an option for me. The last two times I tried to work in retail jobs (Old Navy and Macy’s) I ended up in the hospital. I’m thinking it was likely due to the chemicals the clothes are treated with – since in both cases I was around new clothing all day – but I don’t know for sure. All I know is that I could not breathe.

Prior to that, in my lifetime I have worked a multitude of jobs, but never did “fit in” anywhere. However, if you have a job you think I’d be ideal for, let me know. I’m open to any and all viable possibilities – especially if the job includes benefits like health insurance and such. It would not be easy waiting weeks for my first paycheck… but it would be worth it for the right position and alliance.

Talk to me

What do you do for money? Do you get paid daily? Please tell me about it in the comments below!