Rainbow Websites

Rainbow WebsitesI recently gave up my domain name and dedicated website, but Rainbow Websites represents what remains of my web design business. Although I have built dozens of sites, in recent years I have been more focused on other income streams.

I started out building websites with free page builders back in 1999, then I went to college along with my son from 2002-2004. I got a Webmaster degree, and my son got a degree as a Computer Network Engineer. It was fun going to college at the same school my son was attending, but I’m not sure he was thrilled to have me there. We both also worked for the college as work-study employees. Good times, LOL!

I went on to work for a few different people over the years, with different setups and needs, but that gave me enough of a foundation to do what I do now. However, I really don’t do business as Rainbow Websites, for the most part. I had the domain for almost 13 years but it was just not really performing.

I do still enjoy putting websites together, but the competition is fierce and it’s really not my favorite activity: writing is. Nonetheless, I’ll butter my bread with whatever comes my way: driving, website-building, writing, pet sitting, speaking… it’s all good.

Do you build websites? What DO you do? Tell me about it in the comments below!