April Love

April Love and her service dog, Gracie
April Love and her service dog, Gracie

I just built a new website for my friend April Love. April is an autistic author, artist, and public speaker, who has been through hell and back. I first met her many years ago on an email list for people on the autism spectrum.

So much has transpired since then, it would fill at least a whole volume, if not more! Suffice it to say, she has managed to survive and thrive despite some real craziness that was thrown at her.

Check out the new site, where there are lots of photos and other information. April is still developing her skills as a public speaker, but eventually, we expect to have some videos up there too.

I love working on projects like this, because it’s definitely a nice break from driving all day every day. I hope that I can build more websites and do more writing as time goes on. That’s really the only way I can succeed with my future travel plans!

Are you an artist, author, performer, or speaker? Do you have a store or restaurant? Please let me know if you have a project I might be able to help with. Also, please comment below if you travel and work from the road. I’d love to hear what you did, and how you got started!

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