Dreaming is free, but why wait?

Never Stop Dreaming
Image by jenneditions123

Dreaming is free, but why wait? I keep a list of things that I would do if I won the lottery and had some serious money to work with, but that may never happen, and I would like for these things to happen with or without me. While I have hopes that someday I might win the lottery and bring these dreams to life, it recently occurred to me that I might not have to wait.

If I were ever presented with unlimited funding, these are the things I would do, not necessarily 100% in this order. The first few are a given, if I won money, but others are things that people may be interested in helping with. Of course, many of these would pretty much demand hiring of a full staff in order to make them work.

Any of these would be fantastic, so starting in the middle would suit me just fine.

  1. Get well – I have COPD, so that’s unlikely – but maybe with a stem cell treatment or some such, also take care of any medical, dental, or other needs my family, friends and I have including contacts or eyeglasses – or surgery so we won’t need them.
  2. Pay off all debts of my own, as well as those of my family and a few close friends, set up trust accounts for all family members and maybe a few other people whom I choose to do it for… which ties in with the next one:
  3. Randomly help people in need (finding the ones to help would be half the fun with this one!)
  4. Get an RV and paid to travel (sing, speak, tell jokes, write, whatever!)
  5. Visit every possible amusement park and write about them all. I’d need a partner for this because I’m not healthy enough to ride all of the rides, but then again… if #1 works… who knows?
  6. Purchase a place on the beach and other properties (around the world, not all in U.S.) as they are chosen – including a farm and/or ranch
  7. Gut and renovate our existing home, which is crumbling to dust… and have a tree surgeon take care of the mango and fig trees
  8. Hire a full staff for each of the properties (smaller ones just a caretaker, larger ones would have maids, chauffeurs, cooks, gardeners, grooms for stable etc.)
  9. Rescue some animals (personal)
  10. Develop the charities that have been on my heart and mind:
  • Be an Amazon Angel and help homeless people right where they sit on the street – but go beyond that and help them with housing, healthcare & habilitation, and more.
  • Helping people like us who have moldy houses
  • Providing assistive technology to those who desperately need it but can’t afford it and who don’t qualify for (enough) help from other sources
  • Combined senior home/orphanage/animal rescue (my personal favorite!!!)
  • A horse sanctuary, possibly part of the rescue above
  • Retreats/homes for the neurologically divergent
  • Getting service animals for more people and also underwriting their veterinary care and even food, etc. for those who can’t cover it

As you can see, there are a lot of things here that I should elaborate upon further. Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts that will do that!

In the meantime, what are your dreams? Have you pursued any of the ones I’ve listed? Tell me about your dreams/goals/plans in the comments below!