Petsitting in Hollywood Florida

Lydia and Luke
Luke and me on one of my mid-day visits

Petsitting in Hollywood Florida and the surrounding vicinity is one of my favorite income streams. I work through Lucky Dogs Petsitting, a company owned by my friend Annette, whom I’ve known for decades.

If I could do nothing but visit ten puppies every day, I’d be the happiest girl alive. They are so much fun… I should specialize in puppies.

But I enjoy older doggies too, especially those who are well-trained and clearly well-beloved. Cats are awesome, but they seldom act as pleased to see you as the pups do. Of course, I’ve also never had a CAT pee on ME… but dogs – especially puppies – get so excited sometimes they just “lose it”!

The petsitting services I offer range from dog-walking of small to medium-sized dogs or daily visits for feeding to twice daily visits for feeding and litter-box scooping when you’re out of town but don’t want overnights, and overnight house- and/or pet-sitting.

The other sitters walk larger dogs, provide cageless boarding services, and some of them will even take your dog to the dog beach/park. Lucky Dogs also provides other services such as pet taxi and emergency assistance.

Are you a petsitter? Do you use petsitters? Tell me about your experiences in the comments below!