What is the purpose of this website and blog?

This website is intended to provide information to others and offer assistance to them along their own paths in life. The blog allows me to share the lifetime of knowledge and experience I’ve amassed in a manner that I hope can help people make more informed choices – so they can avoid some of the mistakes I’ve made along the way.

Eventually, if all goes well, the revenue derived from this site will become a viable source of income, supplementing or replacing my existing income streams sufficiently to allow comfortable nationwide travel in an RV. In addition to that, I have a burning desire to become an angel giver and do things like Rob Bliss does. I would love it even more if Amazon would sponsor me to do it!

I intend to visit family and friends along the way, and show people that being autistic or having health problems doesn’t mean you have to sit in a room staring at four walls and only wishing you could go out somewhere and do things. Life does not end with a diagnosis. The biggest requirement for success is that your desire must outweigh your complacency. Even passion is not necessary, that will develop along the way!

Like Nike has said for decades: “Just DO It”!