Needing a drug is not the same as addiction

Needing a drug is not the same as addiction because you can need it periodically without being addicted to it at all. My case in point would be the fact that I have been prescribed Hycodan cough syrup over the years for chronic bronchitis – but when the cough was gone, I felt no need to have more of it: until I had another flare-up.

WITH this cough syrup I can actually SLEEP when I have a bad cough. There are other similar preparations with codeine – but I prefer the flavor of this one. Who wants to go to sleep with an icky taste in their mouth?

I was first prescribed this medication in my late teens, by a doctor in Key Largo. At the time, I freaked out because he wanted to take a chest x-ray: something I had never had done before, so I thought he was a quack!

Many decades and countless chest x-rays later, this has become my go-to sleep aid for quelling the lifelong flare-ups of this condition, which has now developed into COPD due to 30 years of smoking. It is effective, and as I said before: I do not ask for it when I do NOT have a cough that prevents me from sleeping.

Nevertheless, I’m treated like a drug-seeker EVERY TIME I request it in recent years, despite evidence to the contrary. And I’m not alone: MANY people who desperately NEED medications like these are being denied them under some misguided crusade to keep them out of the hands of addicts.

Believe me, if I need something, I’m not going to give or sell it to some addict on the corner… so this strategy does NOTHING to help the situation, while it hurts a multitude of good people who deserve to have their suffering alleviated.

Have you had trouble getting medications which previously you were easily able to obtain – despite showing no evidence of abuse? If so, please comment below. I’d like to hear your stories.