The 30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 29 – A Confession

Three fortunesA confession… well, this is a difficult one for me and requires a lot of thought.

The best answer I can give is that while I can be useful and kind, I can also be a lazy fart sometimes – and I’ve also been known to be selfish, mean, thoughtless, or all three. Maybe it all balances out, and only God knows the answer to that… but I have let people down: I have let mySELF down. I’ve done some “not nice” things in my life, and that has led to people getting hurt either directly or indirectly.

I would like for this to serve as a public apology to anyone I’ve ever hurt. I’d like to make amends to the degree that I can, but much of my ill behavior occurred in my past, while under the influence of substances that have erased the memory – so unless I am confronted and reminded of the incident, it will likely never return to my memory. Please let me know if you feel I owe you an apology or other amends – but preferably by contacting me privately.

While I have never killed anyone or knowingly caused physical harm to come to somebody, I have (on occasion) wanted to – but that’s just not who I am. I could not do so unless they were an immediate threat to me or my loved ones. Even then, self-defense is not in my skill set. I suppose it should be… but I digress, as usual.

Being on higher dosages of Prednisone like I am as I write this can make me grumpy and mean – and at dosages over 100 mg even psychotic and in need of Klonopin to bring me back into a reasonable “zone” for dealing with me. I will be writing more about the side effects of Prednisone in an upcoming post. I will also be writing about hospital-induced PTSD.

What about you? What are your confessions? Answer or link to your answer in the comments below!

That’s it for today, are you doing the 30 Day Blogging Challenge?

One thought on “The 30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 29 – A Confession

  1. My confession:
    Even though I KNOW that I am a diabetic and that sugar feeds my cancer, I just can’t help myself. Especially during the weeks surrounding Halloween. I try, god knows, but everyone brings in left over candy into the office. Grocery stores have sales and discounts going on … it is just so hard because it tastes SO GOOD. I KNOW I should be eating better to stave off cancer symptoms and tumor growth, but dang it, sometimes I just want some pizza or some Chinese food, ya know…

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