30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 19 – My Favorite Movie

The Legend of the Golden GunMy favorite movie is old and corny. It’s called “The Legend of the Golden Gun” and it’s one of those good vs. evil stories.

It’s about heartbreak and disappointment, as well as resolve and determination. In the story, multiple hurdles arise, each to be conquered with a different strategy.

My favorite part of the story is the part about the gunfighter/gunsmith, J.R. Swackhammer, and how he teaches John how to shoot and hit a target blindfolded – using his other senses combined with pure instinct.

I also love the concept of the golden gun, the “seven-shooter” with the 7th bullet reserved for evil… although personally I don’t believe you can conquer evil with a bullet.

Now, before you start arguing the finer points of the Second Amendment with me, I’d like to state that I’m not fond of guns, because they’re noisy. My weapon of choice is a longbow or crossbow – much quieter, and you can make your own arrows/bolts much easier than manufacturing ammo for a gun.

But I digress. (I do that a lot!)

This movie is from 1979 and hard to find. The last time I watched it, I did so on Youtube. Not sure if this was the one, but I found it to link to right here. It’s a pretty poorly recorded copy, but it’s all I could find. I’d LOVE to have a remastered version, but I doubt anyone has bothered. If you decide to view it, please let me know how you enjoyed it!

What about you? What’s your favorite movie? Answer or link to your answer in the comments below!

That’s it for today, are you doing the 30 Day Blogging Challenge?

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