30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 15 – Where Will I Be In Five Years?

5 Years
By Michael Ruiz, Creative Commons

Where will I be in five years? I really don’t know for sure. Since I have COPD, there’s a very good chance that I might not even be around anymore by then… but if I am, I’d like to be on the road in my motorhome, working online.

Better yet, I’d love to be sponsored or well-funded in such a way that I can just spend all of my time looking for people in need, and helping them. The better the funding, the more help I can offer.

I have made plans in the past, but they seldom pan out – I just don’t have that sort of life. No matter what I do, it seems that I must fly by the seat of my pants and just keep striving. Plans have a way of getting shattered by unforeseen circumstances beyond my control.

In five years, I will be almost 60 years old… so I do hope I manage to turn this ship around and start to sail more smoothly than I have thus far in life. I’m still alive, so there is still hope.

What about you? Where will you be in five years? Answer or link to your answer in the comments below!

That’s it for today, are you doing the 30 Day Blogging Challenge?

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