30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 2 – 20 Facts About Me

Fun facts20 facts about me, condensed from this post on my old blog, with a few new additions. Some of those old ones are no longer valid, but the ones below are.



  1. I am my mother’s only child
  2. I have been a writer for my entire life
  3. I gave birth to six children, three boys and three girls
  4. My father had other children, but I’ve never met any of them. (Are you one of them?)
  5. I still love rich, creamy, melt-in-your-mouth dark chocolate almost more than life itself
  6. I am almost always barefoot
  7. On hot days I prefer not to have BOTH my feet AND my armpits covered. One or the other needs to be bare, LOL
  8. The only places I have been outside the U.S. are Canada (for 5 minutes as a kid… then got in a fight with my mother and that was the end of that) and Peru
  9. My favorite color is that fluorescent pinkish-orange the sky turns at sunrise and sunset
  10. I absolutely detest mindless humor
  11. I have a very hard time getting motivated to do things for myself, but I usually do a good job when I have been given a task to complete for someone else
  12. I’ve always wanted to have a horse – or at least, have a close relationship with one
  13. I build websites and do house- and pet-sitting
  14. I used to host open mic. nights once upon a time
  15. My oldest son and I attended college together
  16. Cool wind makes my ears hurt, but warm(ish) wind is okay
  17. I don’t sleep well if the room’s too warm or the air too still
  18. I have COPD from 30 years of smoking
  19. I am overweight but I don’t want to be
  20. The image of myself that resides in my head differs significantly from that stranger I see when I pass by a mirror

What about you? What’s on your list? Answer or link to your list in the comments below!

That’s it for today, are you doing the 30 Day Blogging Challenge?

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