My dream car

'17 Toyota_ Highlander Hybrid
By Bull-Doser [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons
My dream car is a seven or eight-passenger hybrid SUV, and I’m leaning toward the Toyota Highlander. First, being able to perform XL service for Uber and Lyft doubles my ridesharing income potential. Furthermore, here in south Florida, if your vehicle is hybrid or EV you get a nifty little decal that lets you ride the express lane for free. That diminishes one of my expenses, the SunPass bill.

I’m most interested in a higher-profile vehicle because when it rains, I don’t feel safe driving the puddle-laden streets in my Corolla. Don’t get me wrong: she’s served me well, but just too small. My daughter would be pleased to have her – my son might be too. Their needs differ from mine.

The Kia Sorento I once had was loaded with great features that I’d also love to have in my Highlander. Externally it had fog lamps, proximity sensors, and back-up sensors in addition to the rear-view camera. The interior features I miss most are the push-button start, XM radio, and heated seats. It also had built-in sun shades for rear passengers and interior nightlights.

Now you can get models with a 360-degree camera view, which I’d love to have, and I’d also appreciate the remote control rear hatch – so that it opens and shuts at the touch of a button. Plus the newer Highlanders have a 5000-pound towing capacity!

Maybe next time. For now, my little Corolla continues to be a serious little workhorse.

What sort of vehicle do you drive? Is it what you want, or are you striving for something new?