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The EPIC healthcare system is rapidly becoming the gold standard for electronic healthcare records.

Personally, I prefer to see only doctors who use EPIC because it integrates to allow them to share information more easily.

I grew very sick and nearly died from a staph infection in my lungs a few years back, due to some crucial test results NOT being seen by all of my doctors – including ER doctors. This happened because my pulmonologist was using a different and inferior electronic system.

With the EPIC system, I am able to view my test results almost immediately after they are available to my doctors. I can communicate with my doctors through the interface and even send photos of sore throats, suspicious lumps, rashes, and other health-related stuff.

Furthermore, the EPIC system allows me to download my records easily when I need to share them with doctors or other professionals outside of the system. There are loads of other useful features, and more being added soon, but you can read about them on EPIC’s website if it interests you.

Beyond all this, EPIC is a fantastic company, with a name chosen to acknowledge the vast nature of your life on record, which their software facilitates the coherent organization and sharing of.

As of this writing, EPIC is an employee-owned company whose software is all built in-house. Not only that, but nearly half of their operating budget is devoted to R&D for continuous improvement!

I set out to write this piece because I know firsthand the value of EPIC’s amazing system. Since my COPD diagnosis in September of 2013, I have watched it evolve to become the very best at what it does. The research I have done in order to present this information to you has taken my respect up a few notches because the company is truly incredible on so many levels. I’m so impressed that I may have to write additional articles to expand upon those statements, but suffice it to say that whatever is beyond the scope of this article will be saved for another day.

Click here to read more about the company on Wikipedia.

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