Another rainy day

PuddleAnother rainy day has arrived, preventing me from driving for Uber and Lyft, as I have previously explained. I may currently be short on bill money, but I have a pile of projects awaiting my attention both online and around the house, so I shan’t be bored.

For example, I just finished removing old tweets from my twitter feed, which was long overdue. I had automatic tweets set at youtube, so for more than a decade every time I liked a video or added it to a playlist, a tweet went out. Many of those videos don’t even exist any more.

Now, while it’s tempting to settle into more mundane work such as laundry and other housekeeping duties, after purging twitter I would like to finish doing the same on my old (2001-2013) blogspot blog as well. (Watch out if you follow that link, it’s a significant rabbit hole!)

My 2018 Corolla Rear bumper damageThere are still puddles on the roadway, but the road itself is dry. I am hesitant to go out, just the same, because the last time I went out against my better judgment, a hit-and-run driver damaged the paint on my rear bumper! I feel lucky, however, that he didn’t hit my tail-light assembly or the body of my car. Especially considering that he was driving a Chevy truck.

hit-and-run driverI got a fairly decent shot of his license plate, but there’s probably not a lot I can do about it without making a police report etc. and I had a passenger at the time who was going to be late for work if I stopped to do all of that, plus it’s probably only about $3-400 worth of damage.

Add it to the dent in the door and the scrape someone put on my front bumper when they backed out past me at the beach, and I need about $1500 to restore my SIX MONTH OLD CAR to her former glory.

My 2018 Corolla Door Damage

At least I can tell which one is mine in the parking lots now.

My 2018 Corolla front bumper damage

I’ve been considering a vinyl wrap instead of a paint job. Do any of you have a vinyl-wrapped vehicle? If so, or if you’ve been considering it, please tell me about it in the comments below!

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