The fate of Sunset Golf Course in Hollywood Florida

Sunset golf course
Google Earth shot of Sunset golf course in Hollywood, FL before trees were cut

The fate of Sunset Golf Course in Hollywood Florida is currently yet to be decided, but I have a fantastic plan for it that would benefit the city and its residents in wonderful ways.

Community/Recreation Center
Springdale Rec Center
Springdale Community and Recreation Center, Springdale Ohio

The idea comes from the city in which I grew up, Springdale Ohio. They have a community/recreation center there that should serve as a model for others to follow. It has so many amenities – both indoors and outdoors – the center has so much to offer that it’s easier to link to the pages than it is to describe them fully in this blog post.

I’m no financial genius, but I think it’s quite probable that the annual membership fees from local residents would more than repay the cost of developing this center, and “day passes” could be marketed to tourists as well.

I would much prefer to see this sort of use for the site than see it become yet another shopping plaza or condo complex. I realize that those are needed, with so many Baby Boomers retiring and moving here, but THIS is needed, too. The YMCA has no room to expand, and even if the Y just moved to this location it would be better than turning it into a concrete jungle.

Sunset golf course after trees were cut
Sunset golf course after trees were cut, photo courtesy of the Save Sunset Golf Course page on Facebook
Restore Greenery

I envision replacing all of the trees that have been cut down with beautiful Xeriscaped gardens of native flora, arranged around the picnic area and playground as well as the spectator areas for the sports fields. The building could utilize green technology and become a shining example for others to follow.

To maximize space, a parking garage beneath the indoor facilities would leave more room for all of the outdoor amenities such as the baseball diamond(s), football field, picnic grounds, playground, and a nice perimeter track for walking/running. The roof of the parking garage/recreation center could hold the swimming pool and gardens, even a basketball and/or paddleball court.

I realize that development of the building I suggest would result in a time period of inconvenience while it was being constructed. If this structure were built along the western edge of the property near I-95, this inconvenience would be minimized, and the shadow it casts would not affect residents in the neighborhood.

Sound Off

What do you think? Do you have an idea that would make the residents happy? A neighborhood park would keep it green, but a recreation center would provide revenue that could be used eventually to provide services in our fair city… Am I right or wrong? Please tell me in the comments below.