Rainy day projects

Rainy dayRainy day projects keep me busy when I stay off the road due to the small size of my car and the risk to it on such days. South Florida is full of pitfalls for my vehicle when it rains, and one accident or puddle could ruin my livelihood – so it’s better to stay home. This is when I clean, organize, write, and otherwise occupy my time. Frankly, rainy days are the only time I can focus on certain tasks.

Today I am writing this post first, but have plans to do quite a bit of work if the weather remains bad. In addition to ordinary housework like laundry, dishes, dusting, or scrubdowns, I have a lot of sorting and organizing that I have been putting off. That will likely be the focus of the rest of this day, unless the weather improves enough for me to go out and earn bill money.

Here is my semi-prioritized list of rainy day activities for myself:

  • Online work for hire, when available
  • Housework etc.
  • Sorting and organizing
  • Photographing items I want to sell
  • Online work for myself such as cleanup/repair of old websites and social media posts as well as self-promotion

As you can see, I have plenty to do to keep me busy… even if it rained for a week! It seldom DOES rain for that long, though, so I never get caught up. I should be careful I don’t jinx myself by saying that, and invoke Murphy’s Law! On the other hand, maybe then I’d finally make some headway with the things I need to get done.

Do you alter your habits when the weather changes? What do you do differently? Is it only rain, or do other weather phenomena affect you and your routine? Please tell me about it in the comments below.