Plastics are banned from Hollywood Beach

Plastic beach wastePlastics are banned from Hollywood Beach here in sunny south Florida, in an effort to reduce and prevent ecological damage. The ordinance covers a wide range of products made of plastic, polystyrene, or of any material that is not biodegradable. Cups, bowls, lids and plates as well as sandwich containers, straws and utensils must now be made of eco-friendly materials. No more styrofoam coffee cups, takeout containers or plastic packaging, and no plastic single-use utensils or dinnerware.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch and plastic waste in general have been among my special interests for quite some time now. One brilliant way we can all reduce waste is by bringing our own utensils and straws with us when we go out to eat. We can even bring our own containers to take our leftovers home in.

Use reusable tableware for parties, picnics, and other events, too. Maybe we’ve been using the disposable variety for our entire lives, but that doesn’t mean we have to keep it up.

Order these straws from Amazon: they come in packages that are large enough for the entire family, and include brushes to clean them with. Some even come with a little pouch to carry them in.


Check out these great utensil sets from Amazon:


It may seem inconvenient to have to wash these things, but you can feel good that you’re doing your part to help the planet. What are some other ideas you have for reducing and eliminating plastic waste? Please comment below.

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