Postmates is a service which delivers more than just food

Postmates is a service which delivers more than just food, from almost any store. Order groceries, art supplies, building materials and a host of other stuff through Postmates. This is a more versatile delivery service than the others, although Amazon is certainly making waves in the delivery business.
Postmates is not like the other delivery companies.

Deliver for Postmates, and orders will be sent your way based upon your mode of transportation. In urban markets, you can use a bicycle or scooter to make local deliveries. If you have access to a truck, you can get delivery orders for larger packages and orders. With a car, you will deliver mostly groceries and food from restaurants. The bicycle, scooter, motorcycle, truck, or car that you use can be your own, leased, rented – even borrowed.

Postmates  provides workers  with a Visa debit card, which is used to pay for  any order that is not prepaid. When I was delivering for Postmates, I loved the prepaid orders, because they were often ready to go by the time I arrived: but the debit card essentially means that people can order from any establishment which takes Visa.

Prior to my car accident in February of 2017, I was delivering for Postmates alongside Uber and Lyft. When I began driving again, after nine months of being a passenger, the car I rented from a friend was a two-door sedan. This meant I could not yet resume rideshare driving, but I was able to deliver for Postmates during that time period. The income was reasonable, and I found a lot of restaurants and stores I would never have known about otherwise.

Do you deliver for Postmates or another service? Are you a customer who regularly orders from Postmates or other services? Please tell me about it in the comments below.