Free Market Money can change the way the world works

Free Market Money can change the way the world works – for the better. Explore this concept with me! Imagine a life with no taxes, no more poverty or debt, no more despair. Envision a life in which your basic needs are all met without any expense to yourself: basic food, clothing, shelter, medical care and education are all considered necessities so they are free… (no charge to YOU) yet luxury items are still available for purchase and there is no limit on the amount of money you can earn. Visualize a life of being paid for the net benefit you produce for others and never having a job but rather, working with others to efficiently provide for all the needs of your family and society. See mothers paid for raising their children. Behold children paid for carrying old folks’ groceries to their car or home. Picture everyone being paid for anything they do that benefits someone, even if that someone is themselves.

Free Market Money
Three-way interactions provide for a stable, well-balanced system.

Unlike Socialism or Communism, we are talking about an economic system which is completely independent of government. A non-POM society will actually reduce the need for government because if the only way one can get paid is to produce net benefit to others things will just get done. Drug addiction, gambling, and crimes motivated by desperation and poverty – these sorts of thing will fade away. A Utopian idea? Not entirely. We don’t claim to be able to cure all disease or alleviate ALL the world’s problems – only those caused and perpetuated by our current monetary system. You don’t believe it can be done? Read the book and enter the discussion.

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